Romantic Comedy Leading Men

When we think of the traditional leading man, we may think of some dashing, square-jawed type. But cast an eye over the romantic comedies of recent years and guess what? He isn’t there. Good-looking male leads have been replaced with ungainly schlebs you’d cross the street to avoid let alone end up in bed with.

Young Hollywood Marriages Still Going Strong

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In the land of Hollywood, successful celebrity marriages are portrayed as few and far between. Most marriages are relatively short term, and few manage to beat the odds of heading straight into a divorce. Amid the heartbreaks, betrayals, cheating, and divorces, there have been many young Hollywood couples who have made it work. Most have

Movie Review: Cloverfield

Unrestrained madness erupts when a rip roaring monster runs through the streets of New York in Cloverfield. A fantastic bit of mindless entertainment, Cloverfield won’t disappoint that little part of all of us that wants to build the sand castle too close to the waves. Friends of Rob Hawkins (Michael Stahl-David) throw him a surprise

Itunes Vs Blockbuster Vs Netflix

If you only had five seconds to decide between getting your movie fix from Netflix, Itunes or Blockbuster and you didn’t have me, you’d be screwed. Netflix. That is all, read no further, you can trust me. No one from Netflix paid me to say it. If you want a smooth online experience with everything

Dom’s B-Movie Round-Up #26

Mommy (1995) It’s disheartening that no one has heard of “Mommy.” It’s easily one of the best independent horror films of the 90’s. Personally, I think it trumps “The Blair Witch Project,” but that’s another cinematic appraisal altogether. It’s so obscure that I, an indentured servant to the horror genre, just found out that it

Lars and the Real Girl: Movie Review

I enjoy subtle, sarcastic, and dark humor so seeing a preview for Lars And The Real Girl was all it took to garner my interest. Oddly enough, I had just watched a documentary on people who had “relationships” with the life-size sex dolls that made for another reason to see a movie about just that.