Itunes Vs Blockbuster Vs Netflix

If you only had five seconds to decide between getting your movie fix from Netflix, Itunes or Blockbuster and you didn’t have me, you’d be screwed. Netflix. That is all, read no further, you can trust me. No one from Netflix paid me to say it. If you want a smooth online experience with everything you would expect from a service all about movies get Netflix. Blockbuster allows its members to bring movies they send you in the mail to a store and get a movie from the store in return. That’s almost as good as having a friend with a hot sister that likes to walk around the house in underwear. Luckily for me I use Netflix, not so lucky for me my friend is the one who walks around the house in his underwear not his sister. If you are like me though, not the tall dark and handsome yet girlfriendless part but if you have a broadband internet connection and you think streaming content into your eyeballs whenever wherever is pretty cool then get Netflix. We have all heard the idiom twos company; three’s a crowd, well I for one am glad nobody told Microsoft this when they threw their hat into the home console arena. Maybe they got lucky, perhaps fortune really does favor the brave but I for one still think that Itunes strength is music and they should stick with what they are good at. I’m not writing off Itunes completely because they came into the online music world as newcomers and they’re dominating that so go ahead shake things up a bit in the movie world but at this point they are at the back of the pack.

Netflix strength lies in it’s enormous movie selection which is big enough to swim in like Scrooge McDuck’s money bin. Trust me it will keep you busy watching movies until you move out of your moms house. With more than 90,000 movies to choose from finding a good movie to watch is easy. Soon your queue will grow like a chia pet snorting miracle grow as their clever suggestions introduce you to new movies based on your choices. They have a solid rating system which will tell you what others thought of the movie and will even attempt to guess how many stars you would give the movie before you have even seen it. Take that Nostradamus. To make my life even easier watching movies on my computer is a snap, just download a small file for Internet Explorer 6, you’ll need Vista or Windows XP with Service Pack 2 and away you go. Unfortunately for all three Macintosh users out there you will have to watch movies on your friends’ computers. Don’t start crying just yet Mac support is coming as soon as they settle on a workaround with the fine folks at Apple who won’t license their DRM solution to third parties. Blockbuster doesn’t offer online streaming as of yet but I’m sure someone was fired not doing this before Netflix so you probably won’t have too long to wait to download movies from them as well. Final score Netflix three Blockbuster one and coming in dead last is Itunes with an unimpressive zero.