Two of the Most Popular Teen Television Vampire Series

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The Vampire Diaries Series

A pretty, popular high school girl from a small town falls in love with a drop-dead gorgeous “good” vampire who refuses to drink blood. Sound familiar? No, it’s not Twilight.The television series The Vampire Diaries seems similar to Twilight, but it is not based on that book series, trust me, I’ve watched both series on 123movies. The Vampire Diaries is based on an earlier young adult novel series by L.J. Smith, which was first published in 1991.

In the television series, two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon, vie for the love of Elena Gilbert in Mystic Falls, Virginia. Stefan is a good vampire who doesn’t drink blood, while Damon is a bad boy with redeeming qualities. Add a few witches and werewolves, and Elena finds it a struggle just to stay alive, as her love for Stefan deepens. The part of Elena is played by Nina Dobrev, while Paul Wesley plays Stefan and Ian Somerhalder plays the part of Damon.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

High school student Buffy Summers, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, finds that she has been chosen to battle vampires and other dark forces. The story begins when Buffy moves to Sunnydale, only to find that the high school is built on top of an evil portal to demon dimensions.

Buffy is helped by a guide or Watcher, Giles, who is to train her in her new role. With the aid of her friends Willow and Xander, she must battle an ancient vampire called The Master, who intends to take over the town. In later seasons she continues to battle the forces of evil. She falls in love with Angel, a vampire with a soul, who becomes her love interest, but they are eventually forced to part. The show continues through seven seasons as Buffy struggles with her destiny. The popular show, which from 1997 through 2003, was included in many favorites lists, and won three Emmys.

The Vampire Diaries is still running on the CW network, and is in its fourth season. Buffy can still be seen on Netflix or purchased on DVD box set. Anyway, I will hope and wait for the release of the series on fmovies io.